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Salt and Sugar for Babies – Reasons to Avoid Them

The control of infant feeding is a crucial subject for his/her perfect development Every parent tries to do the right thing, but unfortunately we are constantly being attracted by products that, if they are designed to suit the tastes of young children as well as...

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The French TV speaks about the French School and Chin Chok Club

TV5 monde, la télévision française tournée vers le monde entier, a diffusé le 12 mars 2019 un reportage exhaustif sur l'Ecole française de Siem Reap et sur le Chin Chok Club qui y est attenant.Particulièrement intéressant si vous vous destinez à vous établir à Siem...

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Happy to celebrate!

We are happy to see the little ones growing! Celebrating their first year, their first steps, their first words, their first writing!!

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