Nursery & Day Care in Siem Reap

Kiddies, parents and staff, we all enjoyed the party at “1st Class Nursery” this morning!

Santa Claus was kind enough to visit 1st Class already and to distribute gifts to all sweet kids. This was quite impressive for the little ones, and we could see stars-or was that tears?- shining in their eyes! First Christmas make great memories, we do hope that “1st Class Nursery” will be part of that .

Blue Pumpkin provided goodies for the big and little hungry ones and we organised special “winter” games for toddlers.

How lucky we are to celebrate so many events from different cultures here in Cambodia! We can’t wait for next birthdays, the International New year, Chinese New Year, Cambodian New Year ;)…





Meanwhile let us wish you already a Merry Christmas!