Nursery & Day Care in Siem Reap

Creche Chin Chok Club is part of history!


Chin Chok Club was probably the first nursery in Siem Reap, and it is for sure the first and still the only French nursery in the city, and even in the Province…However it was not created during the French Colony!

The initiative came from a  Belgian and a French women, who were living here in the early 2000’s and needed a solution to respond their kiddies’needs. Their twin boys and little bossy girl were asking to be entertained and make new friends.

As one uses to say, at that time, “when the service, activity of business you need doesn’t exist, create it yourself!”. Fabienne and Diane, gathered energy and ideas to start the Creche Chin Chok Club. Named after the first words their children pronounced “Chin Chok!”.

They found other families, with the same needs, a place to host the creche and voluntary parents to look after the kids on turn every morning. Sitah and Seng were assisting, and continued to work for the Chin Chok Club for more than a decade!

At some points, parents’ good will was not sufficient! A fairy popped up, she had young kids, professional experience in early childhood and time! She developed the schedule, prepared activities and took care of the nursery. Virginie, Beatrice, Nathalie, Davy and now Yenny then took over the job.

Over the years local development  gave us no other choice than being registered, paying higher rent and salaries, taxes, insurance but also to upgrade our facilities, provide even better quality care and greater security.

The kids, since its beginning, always enjoy Chin Chok Club. We think this has something to do with its history, and a cosy and family atmosphere! Let’s the spirit of this once upon ago “parental crèche” continue!