Nursery & Day Care in Siem Reap

On 16th February, 1st Class invited Lea Maunier, speech therapist in Siem Reap to talk about language development, especially in a multilingual context. We were happy to see a good mix of participants, local and expats, parents and professionals of education all interested in this topic.

Our Cambodian colleagues observed that as parents they were never advised on how to communicate with babies and young children, and thought this should be more widely shared. We do hope this type of event will help and we are planning organizing other conferences on child’s development. If you’d like to propose topics for next conferences please contact us!

Insights of the conference: Lea went through the different stages of language development from birth up to 5 years old. She insisted on the link between motor skills and language development, and the way to stimulate both.

Answering parents’ concern, she confirmed that multilingualism does not delay language development but results in a combine early development, eg: the average stock of 300 words for a 24 months toddler is divided between the 2 languages, and one language can be stronger or preferred in a precise context (more stimulation from one of the parent, language at school for example). She gave also indications on a few signs (according to the ages) that could indicate language trouble, as an example, if around 12 Months, there is no babble, no communicative gesture, no understanding of any words it may be worth checking with a specialist. 

We would like to thank Lea for coming. For us, this trial was a success both in terms of the quality of the intervention and the number of participants. This encourages us to repeat the experience in the near future. There are so many themes we would like to address!
So stay connected, we will keep you informed.

1st Class crew

Lea Maunier can be contacted for personal consultation. Hp: 081 673 125; [email protected]