Nursery & Day Care in Siem Reap

Our facilitators are trained on evacuation, intervention and fire safety instructions.

Fire risk prevention is part of the overall risk prevention approach. It consists in eliminating the causes of fire outbreaks and implementing measures to limit the extent of the human and material consequences in the event of a disaster.

To overcome the fire with a minimum of damage, it is especially important to act quickly, which means that the alarm and alert must be given as quickly as possible. Three main actions must take place simultaneously:  triggering the alarm and evacuation of personnel or the safety of persons in accordance with instructions and procedures; rapid and appropriate reaction of nearby personnel to extinguish or contain the start of the fire pending the intervention of external emergency services; alert of external emergency services (fire brigade).

It is then essential to facilitate the intervention of external emergency services.

Evacuation consists in safely moving all persons present outside the buildings where they gather at the assembly point for census, through identified evacuation routes. We keep attendance lists updated to know how many people have to be evacuated.


At Chin Chok Club we follow the plan established for the French School. This information is compiled in an evacuation plan for the area in question. Signboards are installed everywhere. At 1st Class we have our specific plan known by all staff.



Any person who notices the onset of a fire must sound the alarm and implement the so-called first response measures (fire extinguishers, armed fire valves) without waiting for the arrival of specially designated personnel. It is therefore essential that all personnel be trained in the handling of fire extinguishers.

Both of our coordinators have been practicing during the training delivered by the airport fire fighters at the French School of Siem Reap.