Nursery & Day Care in Siem Reap

At 1st Class and Chin Chok Club we train our staff on First Aid.

Because you confide in us the most precious thing you have in the world…

We recently used the services of Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) for First Aid Training of our new Khmer staff. Previous training took place in the previous years last year with AHC or AITS and separate training sessions were organized for English speaking and Khmer speaking staff.


Beside the standard training topics, to teach life-saving skills, and to also give the staff the confidence they need to act appropriately, we asked the trainer to focus on First Aid with young kids.

The training is very practical, and staff practiced resuscitation on baby manikin, they also learnt how to remove an obstruction from a choking baby for instance or install a bandage.

1st Aid kits and Emergency numbers are ready.